To cloud, or not to cloud …

There are many who hear the term cloud and wonder what is everyone talking about?


Simply put, the cloud is the internet with online programs or apps  that have been designed to allow users access from multiple locations.Over the last few years, there has been a groundswell of support for internet based applications.  These applications are accessible via multiple electronic devices and information can be accessed virtually anywhere at any time.  The demand for this accessibility and the desire for cash flow friendly, pay as you go solutions have changed the focus of accounting software.

Traditional accounting models have required each client and/or their bookkeeper, and accountant to purchase bookkeeping software so that transactions can be entered and summarized for business and financial reporting.  The traditional model requires that a copy of the business’s database and paper records be transferred between the various users with the hope that no paperwork is lost.  Although there is a high amount of security in this traditional system, we have seen some significant drawbacks to the traditional approach, specifically in determining if the user is using the most current version of the data and the difficulty in managing receipts because the are lost or illegible due to the use of thermal receipts at a lot of retailers.


See below for a list of the services we provide:

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Cloud Based Bookkeeping Solutions
We bill monthly for theses services so that it is easy to budget your bookkeeping costs

Traditional Based Bookkeeping Solutions
We can bill monthly or quarterly for theses services so that it is easy to budget your bookkeeping costs



Payroll Solutions
We will can assist setting up manual pay cheques or direct deposit.  We also assist with the preparation and filing of Record of Employment (ROE) and T4’s.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation
We prepare annual Canadian T2 Corporate Tax Returns with accompanying financial statements either with notes



Personal Income Tax Preparation
We prepare annual Canadian T1 General Income Tax returns for individuals, proprietorship, and partnerships

USA Personal Income Tax Preparation
We prepare United States 1040/1040NR Income Tax forms for individuals, proprietorship, and partnerships


Client meeting

Business Organization and Reorganization
We assist businesses in starting up and in changing their current business structure to better suit their current and future needs.

Succession/Estate Planning.
We assist clients to prepare succession plans and/or estate plans so as to minimize the taxable implication of passing their business and personal assets to the next generation.